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Joe Fedele Weekday Mornings 5p - 9p

My name is Joe Fedele and ever since I first listened to great WAKY personalities like Bill Bailey, Gary Burbank and Johnny Randolph, it’s been my goal to work at this legendary radio station. You may have heard me on other places on the FM dial - I’ve been on the radio in Louisville for more than 30 years...

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Leesa Mitchell/Derby City Diva-Middays 9a - 1p

Hey, hey, what do you say? Leesa Mitchell here, your Derby City Diva...

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Bobby Jack Murphy Weekdays 1p - 3 p


Johnny Randolph - Afternoons 3p - 7p

Program Director and DJ from the mid 60's until 1979. From there I went into ownership status of some small KY radio stations. In the mid 1990's I subsequently sold them and retired. I then came out of retirement for 10 years...

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Gator Glass Nights 7p - 9P


Steven Lee Cook Weekdays 9P - Midnight


Mark Strauss - Saturday Mornings

It really did begin at a 250-watt daytime station, in 1969, which at the time was WPDF 1550-AM in Corydon, IN.  I’ve had the privilege of working at several area stations, including WAKY 790-AM ...

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Mike Cummins - Special Events, Remotes and Sales

Mike Cummins says...I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, I loved radio, had my own radio station in my basement at the age of 14 and did 3 - 7pm every summer! My mother thought I was crazy...

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Ashely Asphalt - WAKY News

Hi, I'm Ashley Asphalt and I am very excited to be a part of WAKY radio!  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Grand Valley State University and also studied Film at the University of Southern California.