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Les Cook - Weekday Mornings 6a - 10a

My Father was in the radio business, so I have been around it all my life. He signed on WPDF in Corydon, Indiana in 1962. And I was on the air doing part time for him when I was 12!! My first big gig came at WLRS in Louisville in 1973. Then it was off to WQHI...

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"Fast" Eddie Lee - Middays 10a - 3p

Hi gang, Fast Eddie here with a little bit about me, (Les is standing over my shoulder so I need to be brief). I am a Louisville native, born and bred (or is it bread, who can tell). Anyway, I grew up listening to the sounds of WAKY in its heyday; I still remember the day the station signed on with...

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Johnny Randolph - Afternoons 3p - 7p

Program Director and DJ from the mid 60's until 1979. From there I went into ownership status of some small KY radio stations. In the mid 1990's I subsequently sold them and retired. I then came out of retirement for 10 years ...

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Mike Marvin - Evenings 7p - 12a

I was born May 31, 1953 in Pittsburg, California. My father was in the army and we traveled half the world before moving to Kentucky in 1966. I started in radio in 1974 at the University of Louisville radio station and I have been with W & B Broadcasting since September 1989. My hobbies are collecting ...

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Cat Man - Night Owl Tues - Fri 1a - 5a

This about sums it up! Feed Him at least 4x a Day and he's PURRFECT!

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Mark Strauss - Sunday Mornings

It really did begin at a 250-watt daytime station, in 1969, which at the time was WPDF 1550-AM in Corydon, IN. The station was owned by Les Cook’s parents. They gave me my first radio position! I’ve had the privilege of working at several area stations, including WAKY 790-AM ...

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Cale Tharp - Engineer

Believe it or not I did not listen to the radio as a youngster. I wanted to be a farmer just like my dad. That is until 1983 at the ripe ole age of 12 when I visited Ed Cundiff at WLCB-AM ...

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Naki Frierson - News

I am a native of Hagerstown, Maryland. It's a small city in the western part of the state. I've always had a passion for speaking and writing so I guess you could say that news has always been in my blood...

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Mike Cummins - Special Events, Remotes and Sales

Mike Cummins says...I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, I loved radio, had my own radio station in my basement at the age of 14 and did 3 - 7pm every summer! My mother thought I was crazy. ...

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